Hello & What's the difference between subtitles, captions, and closed captions?

I am starting this exciting blog to write about something I kinda love: captions and subtitles. This is my first post.

  • this is a basic, un-detailed, and short overview of what captions, subtitles, and closed captions are

Subtitles versus captions

When setting up this blog earlier, I searched for the difference between subtitles and captions. I had an idea, but didn't know for sure.

What I remember from my search:

  • subtitles sometimes refer to foreign languages
  • subtitles don't necessarily indicate sounds that might be included in captions
  • captions may describe important sounds for someone who is not able to hear the sounds in the video

"Closed" captions?

The term "closed" (versus "open") indicates that the captions are not visible until activated by the viewer, usually via the remote control or menu option. 


  1. hi this is a cool blog, looking forward to learning more about captioning. got a question: are there any crazy machine-learning tools that can remove open captions from a movie (maybe it'd replace it with pixels that are close-by so it looks kinda as if they were never there)?

    1. hmmm. Interesting question! I don't know but I'll keep it in mind. Let me know if you find out before I do.


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